San Martín de Los Andes

Fly Fishing wading and floating.

Includes transfer from lodging in San Martin de los Andes or surroundings, to the place of fishing and return, flies and snacks.


It includes transfer in 4×4 truck of the passengers by the lodging and/or airport (chapelco) round trip, complete fishing equipment for each passenger, 1 Enabled fishing guide + 1 Balsa for each 2 passengers, 1 Camping guide + 1 Camping balsa.
Camping services are provided with 1 tent every 2 passengers, cot, thermal sleeping bag, flashlights, plates, cutlery, glasses. It also includes a dining tent, gas stove, electricity, table and camping chairs.

Breakfast service: coffee / mate / tea, orange juice with toast, scrambled eggs, homemade honey/jams and nuts.
Lunch consists of empanadas/tartas or milanesa sandwiches of veal or chicken with soft drinks, wine and/or beer. Dinner will consist of meat (roast/empty/chorizo/lamb) grilled with wood with soft drinks, wine and beer. In the case of 2 nights the second dinner consists of chicken to the disk. Fruits and water throughout the day.

Costs and options





Half day Full day Half a day Full day
Cost per 2 person: $xxx Cost per 2 person: $xxx Cost per 2 person: $xxx Cost per 2 person: $xxx


1 Night / 2 Days 2 Nights / 3 Dyas
Cost per 2 / 4 / 6 person: Request a quote

Training and guided fly fishing techniques with nymphs and dry.

Training objective – guided
More than a guided what it does is a fishing course, working on fundamental aspects such as: The correct choice of the fly, for this we do a brief research work in the river, where we observe the type of food that is present, of In this way choose the right fly for that moment and situation of the river, in this way we will increase fishing opportunities. The biological phenomena are changing throughout the day and the type of food also, that is to say that the fly that worked very well in the morning possibly in the afternoon does not work in the same way. Themes that will be worked throughout the day.
We also work on reading moving water, different currents. Finally, we will work on the cast, since the correct formation of the loop, the control over the line, the leader and the fly, will generate an adequate presentation for a good drift.
We will explain, demonstrate and work on Pro-active launches that are neither more nor less than making the appropriate correction in the air, thus ensuring that the line is in the water respecting this figure in order to make the fly fall fishing, becoming more effective to the first cast.

Cost of the program

Training and guided

Full Day
Cost / person: AR$ xxx

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