Travel insurance

Assist Card

International Superior AC 60 traveler assistance: the right assistance service you need to enjoy your trip without worries.

Traveler assistance includes

Maximum Global Amount USD 60,000
Assist Medical in case of accident *  Up to USD 60,000
Assist Medical in case of non-existing disease *  Up to USD 60,000
Sports practice  Up to USD 10,000
Pregnancy status  Up to USD 10,000
Baggage Location Included
Compensation for lost luggage (Supplementary)  Up to USD 1,200
Cancellation Any Reason ** (Under 75 years old)  Up to USD 500
Territorial Validity International

Coverage Detail

Medical care in case of pre-existing disease * Up to € 300 / Up to USD 300
Urgent dentistry (Max. € 300 / USD 300 per piece) Up to € 500 / Up to USD 500
Outpatient medications Up to € 800 / Up to USD 800
Medications in case of hospitalization Prosthesis and orthotics Up to € 1,300 / Up to USD 1,300
Sanitary Transfers Included
Repatriations (Sanitary or funeral) Included
Return of Companion of the repatriated holder Included
Transfer of a relative Included
Family stay / Daily limit € 100 / USD 100
Family stay / Total limit € 400 / USD 400
Hotel expenses due to convalescence / Daily limit € 180 / USD 180
Hotel expenses due to convalescence / Total limit € 900 / US 900
Accompaniment of minors or elders Included
Expense reimbursement for delayed or canceled flights Up to € 200 / Up to USD 200
Early return for serious accident at home Included
Rate difference for delayed or early return trip Included
Legal assistance for liability in an accident (Loan) Up to € 8,000 / Up to USD 8,000
Advance of funds for bonds (Loan) Up to € 8,000 / Up to USD 8,000
Assistance in case of theft or loss of documents, etc. Included
Accidental Death as a passenger on Public Transportation USD 50,000
Total and permanent disability in case of accident (Under 75 years) USD 40,000
Compensation for lost luggage (Supplementary) Up to USD 1,200
Compensation for late delivery of luggage (More than 8hs.) Up to USD 200
(More than 10 days) Up to USD 1,000
Maximum validity per trip Annual cards: 30 or 60 days
Age Limitations NA

* Includes: medical consultations, specialist care, contact with the pediatrician, births and pregnancy states until week 26, complementary medical exams, physical recovery therapy in case of trauma, medications, emergency dentistry, hospitalizations, surgical interventions , intensive therapy and coronary unit.

** Includes: guarantee included in International (non-receptive) cards, issued per block of days.

Additional Information:

All international products allow the extension of the amount or add this guarantee. The insurances indicated are protected by policies contracted with insurance companies and apply the exclusions of habitual and / or legal use for this type of coverage and approved by the Comptroller Insurance Agency of the country in which the ASSIST CARD Card is issued. The general conditions to which ASSIST CARD is limited are available to the public and can be consulted at any time without obligation to purchase in the stores, by telephone or at Some products contemplate age limitations. Pre-existing diseases have exclusions and limitations in benefits. Consult the ones that correspond to the product of your choice. ASSIST CARD reserves the right to make changes to the scope and descriptions of the service. Consult at the time of hiring.

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