General conditions

The hiring of any service offered by Pioneers Fly Fishing (hereinafter THE AGENCY) implies full acceptance of these General Conditions, Both THE CLIENT and THE AGENCY expressly submit to the Commercial Commercial Courts of the City of Buenos Aires, with resignation to any other jurisdiction.


Prices are expressed in US dollars and / or in Argentine pesos at the rate of quotation in force at the date of publication. The conversion to national currency is determined by the exchange rate set by THE AGENCY in force at the date of each payment. It is understood that any variation in the prices of services, taxes, fees and / or type of currency quotation may result in the revision of the final price; therefore THE AGENCY will not be responsible for the eventual higher resulting costs. As of the date, all amounts received by THE AGENCY for the contracting of services will be charged to the account and, in no case, acquire the character of confirmatory payments until the corresponding governmental authority allows, authorizes and validates THE AGENCY to make payments abroad, at which time the current rate of contribution must be applied to the price contracted in US dollars. The final price will be the one that results in the payment date of the final balance, where the total price in dollars of the service must be recalculated, apply the type of quotation in force on the day of that payment and discount the advances made for that concept.

Included services

Prices include only services as mentioned in the voucher delivered.

Services not included

Any other service that does not expressly appear: 1) Excess baggage in air transport, visas, airport taxes, service fees, tips, vaccination certificates, extras, drinks, special diets, optional hotel services, laundry, VAT and other current and / or future taxes; 2) Stays, meals and / or additional expenses or damages caused by cancellations, delays in the departures or arrivals of the means of transport, or for unforeseen reasons outside the company; 3) Feeding en route, except those that were expressly included; 4) Expenses and interests in credit operations, and in general any expenses of a personal nature, as well as any service that is not expressly indicated in the service order issued by THE AGENCY. Does not include airport taxes or visas. Does not include local taxes.


For trips abroad it is necessary to comply with the legislation in force in each case. It will be the exclusive responsibility of the CLIENT to have the personal and family documentation required by the corresponding immigration authority.


The CLIENT’s luggage is not subject to the contracting of the SERVICE, without THE AGENCY being obliged to respond for losses, damages or damages that the same could suffer for any cause during the trip.


The quality and content of the services provided by the hotel are determined by the official tourist category assigned. In the event that THE AGENCY was forced to change the confirmed hotel due to the celebration of special events and / or situations beyond its control, its responsibility will be limited to offering a hotel of the same or higher category. The expenses of lodging, maintenance, transport and others that originate as a result of delays in departures and returns of means of transport (or lack of connection of flights) due to meteorological, technical, strike or other force majeure reasons will be borne by the CLIENT . The contracted rooms are of standard type, unless written specification in this regard.

Non-regular or charter transport

The provisions of the cancellation point apply. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in these cases only the proportion of the price corresponding to land services (hotel, pension, excursions) determined by the organizer according to the modality operated by the service providers will be refunded, if applicable.


In the act of confirming the reservation, one hundred (100%) percent of the total amount of the SERVICE must be deposited, in which case no place is considered as a firm commitment until said deposit is made and the requested services are fully confirmed. Until the moment of confirmation of the SERVICE, this may undergo modifications in any of its conditions. Packages and tours must be reserved with the payment of forty (40%) percent of their total value. If any condition is modified at the time of the definitive confirmation, THE CLIENT may opt for the cancellation of the operation, being entitled to the refund of any amount paid as a reservation.

Customer cancellations and / or trip cancellations

At any time THE CUSTOMER can cancel the services requested or contracted with the right to the refund of the amount paid, subject to indemnifying THE AGENCY for the concepts that are detailed below: 1) Management expenses (caused to the selling agency). 2) Cancellation expenses, if any (caused to tourism providers). 3) Compensation consisting of a percentage of the total amount, depending on the type of service contracted and the cancellation policy of the service provider. In the case of non-presentation at the time of departure without prior documented cancellation, or late submission, it will mean the total loss of the amount and the SERVICE. Some contracted services are subject to special economic conditions of cancellation in which one hundred (100%) percent of the tickets already issued must be paid regardless of the anticipation of the cancellation (cruises, accommodations in certain countries, pre-quotas). -Bought, charters, etc.). In these cases the cancellation costs will be established according to the specific conditions of each supplier. In case of withdrawal of credit operations, the amounts paid for the report, administrative expenses, stamping and interest will not be reimbursed.

Alterations and modifications of the trip

THE AGENCY reserves the right, for technical or operational reasons, to totally or partially alter the daily order and / or services that make up the trip, before or during the execution thereof. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the stipulated hotels may be exchanged for another of the same or greater category at no charge to the passenger. Regarding these variations, THE CLIENT will not be entitled to any compensation. Once the trip has begun, the suspension, modification or interruption of the services by the CLIENT for personal reasons of any kind, will not give rise to any claim, refund or refund. THE AGENCY may cancel and / or modify any trip when any of the circumstances provided by art. 24 of Decree 2182/72 If THE CLIENT continues the trip with the solutions given by THE AGENCY, it will be considered that he accepts tacitly said proposals, being unable to claim compensation from THE AGENCY by framing said program modification within the natural process of negotiating the services requested.

Customer Responsibility

In case of any breach in the execution of the SERVICE, THE CUSTOMER undertakes to notify the service provider informed in his voucher and THE AGENCY, in a reliable manner and as soon as possible. It is the responsibility of THE CUSTOMER to find out about the air fare restrictions that they are buying. Normally the promotional rates do not allow return, date change, or other modifications.

Agency Responsibilities

THE AGENCY expressly declares that it acts only as an intermediary between THE CLIENT and the entities or persons that provide the services indicated in the itinerary: air, sea and land companies, hotels, restaurants, guides, etc. Therefore, THE AGENCY has no direct responsibility for the deficiencies or breaches that may be incurred by the company providing the contracted services, such as delays, change or modification of itineraries and / or routes, losses or damage to luggage or goods, allocation of locations in means of transport and hotel rooms, untimely cancellations of reservations and other breaches, whatever their cause. Nor is it responsible for damages to the person or goods of the client and / or his companions, whatever the cause of such damages such as accidents, fortuitous cases, strikes, wars, government restrictions, diseases, quarantine, earthquakes, force majeure, phenomena climatic or natural events that occur before or during the development of the trip that prevent, delay or in any way impede the total or partial execution of the services committed by it. In view of the foregoing, THE CLIENT and / or his companions renounce to make or file claims of any kind against THE AGENCY for the ut-supra causes mentioned claims that will be directed directly against the company providing the specific service, subject to what is established in the General Conditions applicable to the contracted service. , and your responsibility comes down to behaving like a diligent travel organizer in choosing the person performing the service. The responsibility of THE AGENCY, whether acting as a travel organizer or intermediary, will be determined in accordance with the provisions contained in the International Convention Relating to the Travel Contract approved by Law No. 19.918.

Knowledge and acceptance of the conditions

THE CLIENT is notified, signed and accepts the content of the General Contract Conditions that Pioneer Fly Fishing communicates to him. Pioneers Fly Fishing informs that many countries require to enter their territories documentation proving the hiring of land services, cash or other means of payment to pay for the stay, as well as a Travel Assistance that covers the entire period of stay according to the reason for the trip and minimum benefit values, there is a certain possibility that you will not be allowed to enter if you do not comply with said requirement. Attentive to this is that THE AGENCY is exempt from any responsibility for any inconvenience that may arise, leaving express evidence that the passenger has been advised with this information.

Personal information

The CUSTOMER gives his free, express and informed consent in accordance with Law 25.326, and its regulations, so that the information collected under this may be transferred and / or transferred to controlled, controlling or related companies to Pioneros Fly Fishing, in the Republic of Argentina and / or in any other jurisdiction, even if it does not have the same standards for personal data protection as the Republic of Argentina, for advertising purposes, p

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