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Immersed in the Uco Valley and one hour from the city of Mendoza, we will be able to fish in the shade of the condor.

One-Day Program

The Quebrada del Cóndor is located one hour from the city of Mendoza, in the Uco Valley, department of Tupungato, area known as «La Carrera», through Route 89 joins the town of Potrerillos with the city of Tupungato. Close to the snails is the entrance to the Quebrada del Cóndor, which will allow us to touch the feet of the magnificent Cordón del Plata. Up there it is possible that the condors will give us a welcome flight. The fishing in the Quebrada del Condor can be done both for experienced fishermen and beginners, always accompanied by our guides who will give the best advice to have a great day of fishing, in the same we can fish rainbow trout and fontinalis. We will finish our day delighting ourselves with typical Argentinean empanadas, asado and excellent wines, in a rustic but cozy atmosphere.

Included Services

  • Transfer from Mendoza
  • Preparatory talk
  • Right of entry.
  • Lunch.
  • Guide service.
  • Provision of equipment

Cost of the program

Quebrada del Cóndor – One-Day Program

8 hours
Cost / person: USD 220 + IVA

Best months for fishing

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    Brook trout (Fontinalis)

    Brook trout can inhabit freshwater and marine waters. The populations that live in fresh water are found in streams, small rivers and clear, cold and well oxygenated lakes, usually in environments whose temperature remains below 19 ºC, which also have almost no sedimentation. Brook trouts that reside in marine environments remain near the mouths of the rivers.
    They are described as territorial, bentopelagic and very active. Salvelinus fontinalis move in depth ranges between 15 to 27 m.


    Rainbow trout live in brackish, fresh or marine waters of temperate zones. Anadromous trout, develops and reproduces early in freshwater streams and then migrates to the ocean where he will spend his adult life. When they are in fresh water they are located at temperatures up to 24-25 ºC. Those that are not anadromous remain in fresh rivers or streams, near areas with vegetation that facilitate shade.

    The Oncorhynchus mykiss species needs burdensome beds to deposit its eggs, they are sensitive to the conditions that fill them with sediments or the cleaning of channels in which it lives. Juvenile trouts are found in calm waters, since they can die in too fast courses.

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